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Quarantine FM to air interview with Mary Lou McDonald

Questions generated by listeners range from asking why legalising marijuana isn’t a bigger part of Sinn Féin‘s manifesto to whether the party leader would consider rap battling with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.


Quarantine FM releases statement on gender representation

Following this week’s shocking report on gender disparity in Irish radio, compiled by Linda Coogan Byrne, Quarantine FM have issued a statement about gender representation on the station.


Quarantine FM gives Ireland a reason to stay inside

A digital station called Quarantine FM has launched to give Ireland a ‘reason to stay inside.’ The pop-up station will broadcast for twelve hours per day from 9AM today (Monday 22nd). It will aim...


Coronavirus: Actors set up Quarantine FM radio station

Two actors have set up a new online radio station called Quarantine FM, which aims to entertain people who are confined to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.


“I’m all about stories”

We chatted with Quarantine FM co-founder Kate McKeown about how to start something completely original, and navigate spectacular success from the comfort of your home – but not so much your comfort zone.

Mary Lou McDonald talks politics and rap!

  Mary Lou McDonald joins Kate McKeown to answer your questions and talk about everything from Politics to Rap!